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Feb 24, 2023

Erin DeWitt - DTSFunny Pages - ED - 1Italian Studies - ED - 1Power Signal - ED - 1Chillin Island - ED - 1Good Time - EdW - 1

Erin's editing work includes the feature films: Good Time, Italian Studies, and Funny Pages, as well as the short films, Rejoice In The Lamb, and the acclaimed, Power Signal.

Power Signal is one of Erin's several collaborations with Producer/Director Oscar Boyson, including short video projects on artist Joe Brainard...

Feb 3, 2023

Leonor CDSJ 1Norte CDSJ 1On The Job CDSJ 1Respeto CDSJ 1Season Of The Devil CDSJ 15959 - CorinneMidnight In A Perfect World - CDSJ - 1

Corinne is from the Philippines and lives and works in Manila.

Corinne is an award-winning film Multidisciplinary Artist and Sound Designer and her work deals predominantly in the photographic realm.                                                                   

Corinne's film work includes: Norte, The End Of...