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Jul 28, 2009

Barbara Muschietti is a an Argentinean executive producer of the Cannes Golden Lion Award Winning production Toma 78 in Barcelona, Spain.

Toma 78 provides General Production, casting, location scouting, styling, hair and make up, set design and prop rental, accommodation and logistics in a variety of creative advertising spots and film.

Their clients include: Coca Cola and BAFICI (Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Films).

Barbara and brother writer and director Andy Muschietti have created a horror short called Mamá that has been raved about in a number of film festivals in Europe.

Mama is about two girls, Victoria and Lily, who are on the run from a ghostly woman who appears to be their mother in a Gothic home.  A feature version of the film has attracted interest by Guillermo Del Toro.