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Oct 17, 2010

Nico Mensinga is the screenwriter for the short film, Watching, an edge-of-your-seat thriller about the ability to spot where truth lies, and lies begin with 2 main characters, Josh and Carrick, portrayed by Ian Hart and Charlie Cattrall

Watching took home a number of awards around the world and won best screenplay and the Silver Medal audience award and in the prestigious Manhattan Short Film Festival.

Nico previously worked as a production intern at Number 9 Films on films like When Did You Last See Your Father?, based on an auto-biographical novel by author and poet Blake Morrison, starring Colin Firth and Jim Broadbent.

Nico has developed other feature length screenplay work including the upcoming film, Titus, the story of an African American jazz legend lost in London, find a way back to the music that has kept him alive this long.