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Mar 18, 2012

Rob was an interviewer and videographer for Steven Spielberg's Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation while earning an MA in Media Studies from the New School for Social Research

Rob’s short film Preacher With An Unknown God won a Sundance Jury Award.  Rob directed the Morgan Spurlock produced theatrical feature What Would Jesus Buy, about saving Christmas from the Shopocalypse. 

Rob has since been a director, producer, cinematographer, sound recordist and editor on a variety of documentary and broadcast productions on films including: Burning Man: Beyond Black Rock, Freakonomics, and more recently, Carol Channing: Larger Than Life

Rob is currently working on his feature documentary Training for the Apocalypse, winner of a Pacific Pioneer Grant, which is about the journeys of survivalists, truth-seekers and prophets united in their preparations for global cataclysm and the near-extinction of humanity as they struggle to make sense of the world they live in now.