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Aug 12, 2015

Born in Sydney, Australia, Ross learned his early craft with his documentary maker father with an early career working on documentary films in Africa, Asia and South America. 

Ross' early documentary work progressed to feature film work as first an AC then operator on many high profile projects and working with such esteemed International DPs as William Fraker, Darius Wolski, and Lazlo Kovacs

Ross moved up to 2nd Unit DP on such notable projects as The Matrix and subsequent trilogy, Superman Returns, and Anna and the King.

Ross'  natural progression to DP with films such as The Cave and Underworld Rise of the Lycans are films that require a high level of expertise in difficult blends of action, VFX and performance. 

Ross recent projects as Director of Photography include acclaimed films including The Giver for Philip Noyce and Woman in Gold for Simon Curtis