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Giovanna Chesler - Period: The End of Menstruation

Giovanna Chesler is an Assistant Professor in Communication at the University of California San Diego, and works professionally as a cinematographer and film/video curator and juror.

She is the director and producer of internationally exhibited documentary and narrative films including BeauteouS: The Trilogy and hand-some.

Her most recent film is Period: The End of Menstruation, a feature documentary film exploring trends in hormonal birth control which change the way we think of gender, health and the ‘natural’.


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Fitness Special with Barbara Silvestro

May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month. On this special episode of Spoiler Alert Radio, we talk with Barbara Silvestro.

Barbara Silvestro is a 41 year old mother of three a who lost 65 pounds through diet and exercise, including using Leslie Sansone’s and other fitness DVDs.

She was eventually invited to be a participant in the filming of an edition of the Sansone Walk Slim DVDs. We talk about her experience.

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Mary Mazzio - Mother's Day Special

On Spoiler Alert Radio’s hour long Mother’s Day Special, we explore the theme of motherhood with Mary Mazzio of 50 Eggs Productions, who discusses her three documentary films: A Hero For Daisy, Apple Pie, and Lemonade Stories and her unique approach to documentary filmmaking.

A Hero For Daisy is a film about Title IX pioneer and two-time Olympian Chris Ernst who through her protests for gender equity athletic facilities for women has opened the door to daughters everywhere. The film is dedicated to Daisy, Mary’s daughter.

Apple Pie is a film about professional athletes and their mothers from the aspect of their mother’s stories and the connections to their children’s lives.

Lemonade Stories is a film about renown entrepeneurs and their mothers, highlighting each mother’s impact on the entrepeneurial spirit and success of their sons and daughters.

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JL Aronson - Danielson: A Family Movie

J.L. Aronson has written, directed, and produced Danielson: A Family Movie and discusses this and other documentary work of his.

Danielson: A Family Movie follows Daniel Smith, an eccentric musician and visual artist, as he leads his four siblings and best friend Chris to indie-rock stardom, while mentoring a then-unknown Sufjan Stevens along the way.

The film deals with a number of themes, including the challenges of being a sincere Christian in the po-mo underground, balancing individual needs vs. commitment to family, and maintaining artistic integrity while reaching out to a wider audience.


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