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Evgeni Tomov - Art Director & Production Designer - Arthur Christmas, The Illusionist, The Tale of Despereaux, Triplets of Belleville

Evgeni Tomov, is a Production Designer, Conceptual Artist, and Illustrator specializing in feature length and short animated films, and animated TV series.  Originally from the former Soviet Union, Evgeni moved to Montreal, where he worked as an Art Director and Illustrator for several advertising agencies.

In 1997, his role as Assistant Art Director on the animated short The Old Lady and the Pigeons was his first collaboration on an Oscar® nominated film for French animation director Sylvain Chomet.  

Evgeni again worked with Sylvain Chomet as Art Director and Production Designer on the Oscar® nominated French animated feature The Triplets of Belleville.

Evgeni worked at Chomet’s Studio Django in Scotland on film development, including working as development art director for the Oscar® nominated animated feature The Illusionist, a bittersweet tale of a French magician struggling to survive in a world that no longer seems to need him.

Evgeni has worked as Production Designer on The Tale of Despereaux and the upcoming Arthur Christmas, a co-production between Aardman Animations and Sony Pictures.

Arthur Christmas reveals the answer to every child's question about how Santa delivers all those presents in one night - through Santa's ultra-high-tech hidden beneath operation the North Pole and Arthur's family is in a state of comic dysfunction.  Arthur has an urgent mission that must be completed before Christmas morning. 

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Klaus Badelt - German Score Collaborator with Hans Zimmer and Composer

In collaboration with Hans Zimmer, Klaus contributed to the Oscar-nominated scores for The Thin Red Line and The Prince of Egypt, as well as writing music for directors including: Ridley Scott, Terrence Mallick, John Woo, Kathryn Bigelow, Werner Herzog, Sean Penn, Gore Verbinski, Michael Bay, and Steven Spielberg.  

His film projects included: Gladiator, The Pledge, Hannibal, and Pearl Harbor, and the notable score for Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.

In 2004, Klaus branched out of Zimmer's studio and founded Theme Park Studios, in Santa Monica, CA.

From here Klaus has scored: Ned Kelly, Constantine, Poseidon, Rescue Dawn, Heartbreaker, The Extra Man, and Point Blank

Klaus worked on the soundtrack for Chinese fantasy film, The Promise and wrote the music for the closing ceremonies at the Beijing Olympics in 2008.

Klaus was recently commissioned to write an opera about China's First Emperor.

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Parke Gregg - Colorist, Editor, and Project Finisher

Parke won Summit, Addy, and Telly awards as IBM Tivoli's Manager of New Media, and later in 1999, he launched Pointsphere, a new media consulting firm.

Parke was the Post Production Supervisor on the CNBC television series American Made and Associate Producer for the Emmy Award winning PBS documentary series, The State of Tomorrow.

In 2007, with partners Allison Turrell and Lyman Hardy, Parke formed Stuck On On, an audio and visual post production company, where he is the lead colorist and editor.

Parke had contributed to the films including: Take Shelter, Where Soldiers Come From, Restive, Blacktino, The Eyes of Me, and The Happy Poet.

The film Take Shelter is about a young husband and father questions whether to shelter his family from a coming storm, or from himself, starring Michael Shannon.

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Anne Seibel - Production Designer from Paris

Anne has collaborated in the art department for renowned directors such as: Richard Heffron, on La Revolution Francaise , for Serge Gainsbourg, on Stan the Flasher, for Renny Harlin on Cutthroat Island, for Randall Wallace, on The Man in the Iron Mask, and Tony Scott, on Spy Game.

In 2002, Anne worked on her first Production Designer role on a feature film for English director, Eric Styles'  film Tempo starring Melanie Griffith.

When working as an art director on Sofia Coppola's film Marie Antoinette in 2004, Anne met the producer Ross Katz who offered her a Production Designer role in 2008, on her first Indian movie called Road, Movie for Dev Benegal.

Over time Anne has collaborated on other big projects as art director, including: Munich, The Devil Wears Prada, The Happening, and Hereafter.

Anne began working with Woody Allen on his recent film Midnight in Paris, about a jilted screenwriter named Gil who strolls the lanes of Paris with his head in the clouds and walks right into his own best fantasy. She has also worked as production designer on Woody Allen's upcoming Nero Fiddled shot in Rome, Italy.

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