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Simon Rouby - Blind Spot and Le Presage/The Omen

Simon Rouby is a French animator who completed his studies at Gobelins L' Ecole de L'Image in partnership with the California Institute of the Arts.

Simon's films include the animated shorts Blind Spot and Le Presage/The Omen.

His films have screened in many film festivals including: Animafest, Cannes, Imagina

His films have one several festival awards and Blind Spot was selected for Mike Judge’s The Animation Show.

Le Presage/The Omen is about a man leaving his hand-made dwelling that treks out in search of food into the wilderness where things are not what they seem.

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Renee Brown - Katy Sullivan

Documentary filmmaker Renee Brown tells great visual stories through her work. 

She has made several short documentary films that have been featured in a variety of film festivals nationally and internationally including:

The New Beijing International Movie Festival, The Nashville International Film Festival, The Dingle International Film Festival in Ireland, and the Short Shorts Film Festival Asia.  

One of her documentary shorts is called Katy Sullivan.  This short film shows the inspirational Katy Sullivan as she trains in her carbon fiber running legs.

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Alex Budovsky - Animated Music Videos

Born in St Petersburg, Russia and having lived in New York City since the mid 1990s, Alex Budovsky is well known for his distinctive style of animated music videos.   

These include Bathtime in Clerkenwell for The Real Tuesday Weld and Return I Will  to Old Brazil from Geoff Muldaur.

His videos have won a number of awards including from the KROK International Animated Film Festival in Ukraine in addition to Sundance Online and the Ottawa International Animation Festival.

He has also worked on a number of other commercial and educational animation projects for Sesame Street and Greenpeace.

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Trevor Jimenez - Key Lime Pie

Trevor Jimenez is an animator and an alum of the prestigious Sheridan College Animation Program in Oakville, Ontario.

Trevor is the creator of a uniquely drawn 2D animated film, Key Lime Pie.  

It is a 2D animated spin on the noir genre, and the story basically revolves around this character who is obsessed with key lime pie.

Key Lime Pie has been screened in many film festivals including Toronto After Dark, The Santa Barbara International Film Festival, and The Animation Show.

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