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Ofer Inov - Israeli Director of Photography - Time of Favor, Campfire, Beaufort, Fluchkes

Ofer has shot both feature films and documentaries with some of the best-appreciated directors in Israel, such as Joseph Cedar (Time of Favor, Campfire, and Beaufort), Asi Dayan, and Amos GitaiBeaufort was nominated for an Oscar and Ofer won the Ophir Award (the Israeli Academy Award) for his work on both Time of Favor and Beaufort.

Ofer has taken part in many foreign productions shot both in Israel and abroad.  Ofer’s other recent projects as Director of Photography include the films Haiu Leilot, The Golden Pomegranate, and Shrouds.

Ofer made his directorial debut in addition to cinematography work on the documentary, Fluchkes (Flabby Arms), about five elderly women that create a dance performance, sharing their thoughts and feelings.

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Monika Willi - Austrian Film Editor - The Piano Teacher, Workingman's Death, The White Ribbon, Whore's Glory, Love/Amour

Monika edited the film Suzie Washington in 1998, and has since edited featured films for Michael Glawogger, including the narrative features Contact High and documentary Workingman's Death.

Monika is well known for her work on films like The Piano Player, Time of the Wolf, and the English shot-by-shot remake of Funny Games, and more recently on the Oscar nominated, The White Ribbon, all of which were directed by Michael Haneke . 

Monika's recent projects include: Whore's Glory for Michael Glawogger and Amour/Love for Michael Haneke.

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Nick Higgins - Director of Photography - Countdown to Zero, Comicon: Episode IV, A Day In The Life, First Position, Mongolian Archers

Nick has spent the best part of the last three decades living everywhere except his Scottish birthplace; from Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Brazil to LA (where he gained an MFA in Cinematography from the AFI). 

Nick’s camera work was featured in  Academy Award Nominated Lucy Walker’s film Countdown To Zero which premiered at Sundance and played at Cannes and more recently on a film project on Mongolian Archers

Nick also worked with Academy Award Nominated Morgan Spurlock for his documentary Comicon: Episode Iv A Fan’s Hope and on his A Day In The Life series, and with Academy Award Nominated Stuart Sender on his NBC feature documentary Harmony

Nick’s  most recent work was as both Director of Photography and Associate Producer on the documentary, First Position, that follows six young dancers from around the world as they prepare for the Youth America Grand Prix, one of the most prestigious ballet competitions in the world.

Nick is currently resident DP and one of the founders of The Department of Expansion, specializing in artful storytelling and targeted social media.

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Aleksandar Denic - Serbian Production Designer - Byzantium Blue, The Wounds, Deathwatch, Guca, and Chernobyl Diaries

Aleksandar has designed for many award winning plays in theatre over the years in addition to many projects in interior design and architecture, along with gallery exhibition and work on designing events.

Aleksandar's film production design credits include: We Are Not Angels, Byzantium Blue, as Set Decorator on Underground, The Wounds, the documentary Super 8 Stories, BoomerangDeathwatch, the musical film Guca!, Die rote Zora, and Zone of the Dead.

Aleksandar's more recent projects include: the stylish action comedy film, Cat Run, and the horror/suspense film, Chernobyl Diaries, about six tourists that hire an extreme tour guide who takes them to an abandoned city, the former home to the workers of the Chernobyl nuclear reactor and soon discover they are not alone.

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