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Andrea Chignoli - Chilean Film Editor - Loco Fever, My Life with Carlos, Post Mortem, Circumstance, Violeta Went to Heaven, Young and Wild, and the Oscar nominated film, No

Andrea has lived in Cuba, New York, Buenos Aires and Chile editing films and has also taught cinema.

Andrea has worked on a variety of award winning features and shorts over the years. 

These films include: Soccer Stories, Loco Fever and Violeta Went to Heaven for director, Andres Wood, and also the documentary, My Life with Carlos.

Andrea has more recently worked as film editor on the Iranian drama, Circumstance, the Chilean drama Young and Wild, and the films: Tony Manero, Post Mortem, and No for director, Pablo Larrain.  

No was also nominated for an Oscar for best Foreign Language film.

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Graham Reynolds - Austin, Texas based Composer and Bandleader - I'll Come Running, Shepard & Dark, A Scanner Darkly, Bernie, and Before Midnight

As bandleader of the jazz-based but far reaching Golden Arm Trio, Graham has repeatedly toured the country and released several critically acclaimed albums. 

As Co-Artistic Director of Golden Hornet Project, Graham has produced more than fifty concerts of world-premier alt-classical music by more than sixty composers, as well as five symphonies, two concertos and countless chamber pieces of his own. 

Graham's music has been heard throughout the world on TV, on stage, in films, and on radio.

Graham's score work includes: a variety documentary shorts and features like Shepard & Dark, independent narratives like I'll Come Running, and Richard Linklater's features: A Scanner Darkly, Bernie, and Before Midnight

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Chad Hartigan - Director and Writer - Luke And Brie Are On A First Date and This Is Martin Bonner

Since graduating North Carolina School of the Arts, Chad has pursued all aspects of film.

Chad was actor in the award winning feature Dance Party USA, he co-wrote an animated short nominated for the Student Academy Award, and he as behind-the-scenes videographer for David Arquette’s directorial debut, The Tripper, along with making short films, like Surprise.

Chad wrote and directed his first feature, Luke And Brie Are On A First Date which played at festivals across the globe including Hamptons International Film Festival and Mar Del Plata International Film Festival in Argentina.

Chad’s second feature, This Is Martin Bonner, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and has also toured extensivelyat other film festivals, is a warm and perceptive meditation on friendship, human connection and getting a second chance at life, shot on location in Reno, NV.

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Emmanuel Soyer - International Director of Photography - That Old Dream That Moves, Farewell Homeland, Grande cole, Melodrama Habibi, The First Time I Turned Twenty, and The Other Son

After Graduating from the Louis Lumière Cinematography School, Emmanuel started very quickly to work as a director of photography on shorts, feature films, and advertising.

Emmanuel is currently based in Paris, and shares his time shooting features and commercials.  Emmanuel usually works in Japan, Lebanon, Ukraine, France, UAE and Africa.

Emmanuel’s feature film work includes: The Old Dream That Moves, Farewell Homeland, Grande Ecole, and Melodrama Habibi

Emmanuel has worked films for director Lorraine Levy including: The First Time I Turned Twenty and The Other Son.

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