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Tom Erisman - Dutch Director of Photography - Blind Date, Grimm, Waiter, The Last Days of Emma Blank, Borgman, and the upcoming Schneider vs. Bax

Tom received his cinema training during his work as a gaffer between 1976 and 1987.

After his shift to filming, Tom was behind the photography on a number of television series and films in the Netherlands. 

Amongst the many directors with whom he has worked is Alex Van Warmerdam, with whom he worked in the past on The Northerners, Grimm, Waiter, and The Last Days of Emma Blank. 

More recently, Tom worked on Borgman for Alex and the upcoming Schneider vs. Bax.

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Review of 2015 Oscar Short Film Nominees: Live Action and Animated

We reviewed the 2015 Academy Award short film nominees for the live-action and animation categories.

The films are packaged by Shorts International and are screened at cinemas around the world in February and March.

After playing in theaters for several weeks, they are available online in case you missed them. 

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Tom Cross - Oscar winning Film Editor - The Space Between, Any Day Now, Time Lapse, and the Oscar winning Whiplash

Tom has worked in the editorial department on a variety of projects in film and television including: Ride with the DevilTwo LoversCrazy Heart, and the television series, Deadwood

Tom has also edited several short and feature films including the feature films, The Space Between and Any Day Now for Travis Fine.

Tom's more recent projects include: the sci-fi thriller Time Lapse, and the Oscar winning, critically acclaimed Whiplash, starring J.K. Simmons and Miles Teller, which included an Oscar for Tom for Best Film Editing.

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Yoni Goodman - Israeli Animator, Illustrator, and Animation Director - The material that love is made of, Waltz With Bashir, The Closed Zone, The Story of Cholera, and The Congress

In 2004, Yoni worked as an animation director for Ari Folman's documentary series, The material that love is made of

Their collaboration continued with Yoni as an animation director in Ari Folman's Academy Award nominated Waltz with Bashir. Yoni also developed the Adobe Flash Cutout technique for the film.

In 2009, he made several short films for human rights organizations, notably the short film Closed Zone, protesting against the Gaza blockade. Yoni also worked as an animation director in the short film The Gift, and The Story of Cholera.

More recently, Yoni worked as the Animation Director for Ari Folman's feature The Congress, based on a novel by Stanislaw Lem

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