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Norman Twain - My Dog Tulip

Norman Twain created the idea, developed the script, and produced Lean on Me, starring Morgan Freeman as Joe Clark, the Principal of Eastside High School in Paterson, New Jersey.

Norman was the producer of the awarding winning HBO film Boycott, dramatizing the 1955 Montgomery, Alabama Bus Boycott, Spinning into Butter, based on Rebecca Gilman’s award winning play, and SCAR, the first 3D action horror film in 26 years.

Norman’s latest production is My Dog Tulip, the celebrated novel by J.R. Ackerley, that is being made into a full length animated feature.  Paul Fierlinger is the film’s director, screen writer and sole animator and his wife Sandra is his background and image painter. This film will be the first animated feature ever to be entirely hand drawn and painted utilizing paperless computer technology.

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Art Holliday - Johnnie Be Good - The Movie

Art Holliday is the co-anchor and executive producer of Today in St. Louis morning show and NewsChannel5 at Noon at KSDK-TV at St. Louis, Mo. Over the course of his career of over 30 years, Holliday has been recognized with numerous awards.

He is the Director, Producer and Writer of the documentary Before They Fall Off The Cliff: The Ripple Effect of Schizophrenia. Art also videotaped much of the documentary as well as serving as still photographer.

Art is currently working on a second documentary Johnnie Be Good - The Movie on the life of Johnnie Johnson, who helped create the musical stew which became rock and roll, and because he once hired an unknown guitar player named Chuck Berry.

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Tomm Moore - The Secret of Kells

Tomm Moore is co-founder and Creative director of Cartoon Saloon.  He is a lifelong comic book and animation enthusiast.

Since founding the company with Paul Young, Tomm has worked on most facets of Cartoon Saloon productions. He has directed and designed commercials for clients including Cadbury and the Irish Independent. Additionally, Tomm has worked on illustrating graphic novels and children’s books and working as animation artist on several TV series and other filmmaker's feature and short film productions.

Tomm has completed his first feature film The Secret of Kells, a beautiful and haunting story of the young hero Brendan and the Book of Kells.  He is working on the graphic novels of the film and his animated feature film The Song of the Sea.

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Jeffrey Goodman - The Last Lullaby

Jeffrey Goodman is a director who loves learning about the cinema's different movements and transformations and wondering what directions the medium might veer off in next.  Jeffrey ended up raising all the money for his first feature film, The Last Lullaby himself, selling the film in $50,000 units to private investors in his hometown of Shreveport, Louisiana.

He believed it would take this level of freedom to make a movie that he felt was slightly different than most things currently being made. 

The Last Lullaby was shot and told in naturalistic style, is co-written from the author of The Road to Perdition, Max Allan Collins, and stars Tom Sizemore and Sasha Alexander. The Last Lullaby is about Price, a former hitman, struggling to cope with retirement who has left the assassination business to live the "easy life." who is brought into a situation in a world beyond his control in a mystery–filled love story.

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