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Dickon Hinchliffe - UK Composer, Orchestral Arranger and Songwriter

Dickon is a founding member of Tindersticks, the seminal UK band for which he composed music, played violin, guitar and keyboards. 

His orchestral arrangements were one of 
Tindersticks' most distinctive features. From 1993 to 2005, Dickon was involved in ten of their releases including their self-titled debut which was Melody Maker's album of the year. 

Dickon began scoring films when French director Claire Denis approached Tindersticks to write the score to her films like Trouble Every Day, starring Vincent Gallo, and the film Friday Night

Dickon has scored several other films including Forty Shades of Blue, directed by Ira Sachs, which won the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance in 2005. 

Dickon has composed music for a range of films from Married Life, Last Chance Harvey, Cold Souls, and Red Riding: In the Year of Our Lord 1980 for James Marsh.

More recently, 
Dickon scored Debra Granik's multiple award winning feature film Winter's Bone, Passion Play for Mitch Glazer and the award winning documentary, Project Nim, again for James Marsh.

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Jaco Van Dormael - Belgian Director and Writer - Toto the Hero, The Eighth Day, and Mr. Nobody

Jaco made his feature-length debut in 1991 with Toto The Hero, a tale about a man who believes his life was "stolen" from him when he was switched at birth.  

Toto The Hero gained wide critical acclaim, winning both the César Award for best foreign film and the Camera d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival.

Jaco’s second feature film The Eighth Day is a story of a young man with Down syndrome, played by Pascal Duquenne, who lives in a mental institution and the unlikely relationship he forges with a businessman, played by Daniel Auteuil.  Both actors won awards at Cannes for their performances, and the film was nominated for a Golden Globe among other awards.

More recently, Jaco wrote and directed Mr. Nobody, starring Jared Leto, a surreal exploration of freewill as Nemo Nobody experiences different lives depending on what choices he made as a boy.   

Jaco’s films have some strong common themes between them. 

Jaco’s films make distinctive use of naive voiceover and examine the world from an innocent perspective.  The films are often slightly surreal and potray death not as a tragedy, but as a happy moving on.

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Nigel Bluck - Director of Photography

Nigel Bluck earned a degree in Cinematography from the prestigious Australian Film Television and Radio School

Upon graduation, Nigel became one of the top DPs in the commercial world and his feature career soon began as additional photographer on the critically acclaimed and award winning trilogy, The Lord of the Rings.   Other feature credits for Nigel include Half Moon, for which he won Best Cinematography at the San Sebastian Film Festival

Nigel also received recognition for his work on The Home Song Stories, winning several awards for best cinematography in a feature film. 

Some more recent projects include Handsome Harry and The Tree:

Handsome Harry is about ex-Navy man carrying out the last wish of a dying shipmate who tries to break the code of silence around a mysterious, long-buried crime.

The Tree is about 8-year-old Simone, after the sudden death of her father, who shares a secret with her mother Dawn and that her father speaks back to them through the leaves of her favorite tree.  

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Marshall Curry - Documentary Filmmaker - Street Fight, Racing Dreams, and If A Tree Falls

Before his commercial success, Marshall worked as senior producer at Icon Nicholson, a New York multimedia design firm.

Marshall is a graduate of Swarthmore College where he majored in Comparative Religion

Marshall got his start shooting, directing, and editing the documentary Street Fight, which followed Cory Booker's first run for mayor of Newark, NJ. The film went on to be nominated for both an Academy Award and an Emmy.

After Street Fight, Marshall was the Director and Producer, as well as one of the Cinematographers and Editors of the feature documentary, the award winning film, Racing Dreams.

Racing Dreams follows two boys and a girl who dream of one day racing in NASCAR

Marshall's newest documentary, If A Tree Falls: A Story Of The Earth Liberation Front, tells the story of a radical environmentalist who faced life in prison for burning two Oregon timber facilities, which won the Sundance Film Festival award for Best Documentary

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