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Andrew Filippone, Jr. - Happy Monday

Boston native Andrew Filippone, Jr. attended Emerson college and worked on an unfinished project which has recently had new life breathed into it.

Called Happy Monday, it is a unique experimental documentary, also referred to as a "documentary film object." It represents the tragedy of unfinished work, the stasis of images captured on negatives but never given life through projection on a film screen.

Andrew now lives and works in New York City, where he heads the production company Telling Story.

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George Harrar - The 5:22

On this episode we speak with writer George Harrar. George Harrar’s works have appeared in a number of literary magazines, and his 1999 work The 5:22 was selected for inclusion in The Best American Short Stories 1999, edited by Amy Tan.


We discuss storytelling from the writer’s point of view, and similarities between short film storytelling and its literary equivalent. We also discuss some of George Harrar’s other past and upcoming works.

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