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Danielle Fillios - French Film Editor based in Chile

Danielle Fillios has edited more than 40 films, a wide mix of narrative and documentary features and some short films, some of them nominated and awarded for highest honors.

Mi Mejor Enemigo, a heartfelt film about the war between Chile and Argentina in the 1970s, and Johnny One Hundred Pesos were both nominated for the Goya.  Also, B-Happy which picked up 2 awards at Berlinale

Danielle won the Golden Kikito at Gramado for Captain Pantoja and the Special Services for her editing work.  She worked on films from France, Spain, Chile, Venezuela and Perú.

Recently Danielle worked on The Maid by Sebastian Silva, a drama centered on a maid trying to hold on to her position after having served a family for 23 years, which won a Special Jury Prize at Sundance and was nominated for a Golden Globe award for Best Foreign Language Film

Danielle also edited the recent short film, Blokes, one of 9 short films selected for the Cannes Film Festival.

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Magnus Von Horn - Radek and Echo

In Stockholm, Magnus Von Horn worked on distributing a variety of films for Sonet and as an assistant script reader and as a light and camera assistant.

Magnus then left the Swedish film industry to pursue his film directing dreams at the Polish National Film, Television and Theatre School.

He has produced several short films in Poland including the documentary short Radek about 25 years old, ex-convict and former drug dealer and thief who attempts to cope with his aggressions with obstacles.

His narrative short, Echo, is about a police investigator re-constructing a brutal murder, hoping to learn how two young boys could have committed such a crime and what results in the process.

Echo has received numerous awards, including the Best Film Award at Munich International Festival of Film Schools, the Grand Prix at the Open Student Film Festival in St. Petersburg, and is a finalist in the renowned Manhattan Short Film Festival.

is also working on Without Snow, a 30 minute fictional short, and The Doctors, a 25 minute documentary.

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Chris Gill - UK Film Editor - 28 Days Later, Sunshine, Brideshead Revisited, The Invention of Lying, Locked In

Chris Gill started out as an editor for television, winning Royal Television Society Best Editing awards for the programs Touching Evil and Crime and Punishment.  He has admitted to being seduced by the art of editing.

Chris made his debut as a feature film editor with Danny Boyle’s film, 28 Days LaterChris has since worked on other films for Danny including Millions and Sunshine.

Chris’ editing spans genres from the horror/thriller The Daisy Chain to the classic period drama Brideshead Revisited for Julian Jarrold to the Ricky Gervais’ comedy The Invention of Lying. Chris makes time to edit short films as well. 

Chris’ most recent editing work includes the films Centurion, a historical action-adventure directed by Neil Marshall and the psychological thriller, Locked In with Ben Barnes.

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Kimberly Reed - Prodigal Sons

Kimberly Reed started her career working as a commercial editor and traveled the world directing and producing travel documentaries. 

Kimberly became an early expert in the field of digital filmmaking and post-production. After transitioning genders, she moved into the world of publishing, as editor-in-chief of DV Magazine.

Kim's first feature-length documentary film, Prodigal Sons, tells the story of three siblings, their rivalries, and their search for identity. 

Prodigal Sons has won many honors and have connected to many in film festival audiences worldwide, including its winning of the Audience award at Palm Springs and it is available on DVD, Netflix, and iTunes.

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