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Academy Award Animated Short Nominee and Shortlisted Film discussion

On this episode of Spoiler Alert Radio, we discussed the 2011 Academy Award animated short film nominees, honorable mentions, and shortlisted films.

I was joined by Spoiler Alert Radio, co-producer, and editor Paul Elsnau to give our take on this year’s nominated and shortlisted animated short films.

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Gabriel Rhodes - Editor and Director

Gabriel Rhodes has worked on several documentaries and short films including the short film, Anna is Being Stalked, which premiered at Sundance

Gabriel was completed editing work for The Sundance Channel, Showtime, and A&E, and a wide array films and earlier works, Control Room, and My Kid Could Paint That.

He also directed and edited August in the Empire State following Cheri Honkala, liberal activist, Paul Rodriguez, Republican candidate for Congress; and Michelle Goldberg, an independent journalist during the 2004 Republican National Convention.

Gabriel’s documentary, Behind the Glass, tells the story of motion picture projectionists preparing to make their last stand against the encroaching forces of technology as digital projection technology replaces century-old projectors in theatres across the country.

Gabriel also worked as an editor on the award winning documentaries, Quest For Honor, about a former teacher and tireless activist that works to investigate and eradicate honor killings in the tribal regions of Kurdistan, and The Tillman Story, about football player Pat Tillman’s death in the line of duty that the military manipulated into a propaganda tool.

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Jennifer Dehghan - Production Designer

Jennifer Dehghan began her career as an Art Director for BBDO in NYC where her work won such awards as New York Addy Gold awards, Creativity Magazine's Awards of Distinction and AdWeek’s Spots of the Week.

Jennifer shot the launch spot for an AOL Brand with Jake Scott of RSA Productions where for the first time she was involved in the behind-the-scenes aspects of production and production design.

Jennifer’s first notable project was art directing Academy Award Nominated The Squid and the Whale, after her art direction work on The Lost Cause by Oscar Winning Writer Jim Taylor.

She went on to design Thanksgiving and Kettle of Fish, both of which premiered at Tribeca. Other highlights include her design for On the Road With Judas, The Merry Gentleman for Michael Keaton, and Dare which debuted and received critical acclaim at the Sundance.

More recently Jennifer has worked as poduction designer on Choose for Oscar winning Visual Effects Supervisor Rob Legato as well as a period drama, The Music Never Stopped, for James Kohlberg.

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Ole Birkeland - UK Director of Photography - Peace One Day, Everything, Ruby Blue, Helen, The Arbor, and The Calling

Ole Birkeland has worked as a director of photography with a wide of variety directors over the years on in various genres and on both features and shorts, including the dramatic short film Lullaby, about a mother meeting her lost child.

His work over the years includes the films:  the documentary Peace One Day, Everything, a comedy/drama, featuring Ray Winstone, the horror film, The Devil’s Chair, Ruby Blue from director Jan Dunn starring Bob Hoskins, about elderly man's innocent friendship with an eight year old girl is tarnished by the assumptions of a community when the little girl goes missing.

Ole’s more recent work includes: Helen, about 2 lost teen girls with one trying to find herself, a stunning experimental docudrama, The Calling, also from Jan Dunn, featuring Brenda Blethyn about a university student leaving to become a nun, and The Arbor, a portrayal of the late Bradford playwright, Andrea Dunbar.

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