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Ivan Dias - Fados

Ivan Dias has written and co-produced Carlos Saura’s film Fados, a fusion of cinema, song, dance and instrumental numbers, which explores Portugal’s popular musical genre of fado and its spirit of saudade. 

Fados deploys mirrors, back projections, lighting effects, and lush colors to frame each song which carries the story of the Fado song from it roots to its branches.

Fados expands the songs (which traditionally involve just a singer and a guitarist) with dance and encompasses other nationalities of Portugal’s former colonies, and styles (such as hip hop, flamenco, and Brazilian reggae).

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Yana Gorskaya - Film Editor - Spellbound to Lucky

Yana Gorskaya was born in Russia, and emigrated to the United States with her mother at the age of six.

Yana was hired to edit her first feature film, 2002's Spellbound, when director Jeffrey Blitz asked his former USC mentor Kate Amend if she would recommend one of her students to work on his documentary film and she suggested Yana, who was working as a teaching assistant while completing her MFA. She worked part-time on the editing of Spellbound from 2000–2002.

Spellbound was ultimately nominated for the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature, and Yana won the American Cinema Editors Award for Best Edited Documentary. 

Her next three features, also documentaries, were In the Name of Love , produced by Sydney Pollack, about Russian marriage agencies, Sonny Boy, directed by Soleil Moon Frye, focusing on Frye's relationship with her father, Virgil Frye, and Seeds, about the Seeds of Peace Camp in Maine.

Yana's first non-documentary feature was Rocket Science, with which she worked with Jeffrey Blitz for a second time. She then edited the independent comedy film Smart People

Yana was a consulting editor on Taika Cohen’s film BoyYana also edited Blitz's 2nd documentary about lottery winners, called Lucky.

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Darragh O'Connell - Animation Director and Producer at Brown Bag Films

Animation producer and director Darragh O’Connell oversees the visual output of Brown Bag Films. He has directed hundreds of commercials, in television, and on short films.

His production and editing credits include: the Give Up Yer Aul Sins short film series (using 1960s actual recordings of Irish inner city students telling their versions of famous bible stories) along with Crap Rap, and I'm an Animal, and Wobblyland for TV.

Darragh also works closely with the studio's up and coming younger directors. He has been busy directing many episodes of Olivia for Chorion Silver Lining and Nickelodeon.

Darragh also produced Nicky Phelan's animated short film, Granny O'Grimm's Sleeping Beauty. Granny O'Grimm is a seemingly sweet old lady who loses the plot as she tells her version of Sleeping Beauty to her terrified granddaughter.

Both Give Up Yer Aul Sins and Granny O'Grimm's Sleeping Beauty have been nominated for Academy Awards.

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Eduard Grau - Cinematographer of A Single Man and Buried

Cinematographer Eduard Grau created some award winning short films of his own including Bitter Kas and Scarlet Sunrise.  He studied filmmaking at ESCAC in Spain.

Edu won the cinematography award twice at the Palm Springs International Film Festival for Friends Forever and The Natural Route.

He shot his 1st feature, Honor De Cavalier, at only 23, which premiered at Cannes, followed by a film in LA, called Kicks.

Edu was able to pair with director Tom Ford on the visually stunning Academy Award nominated A Single Man, a story that centers on an English professor who, after the sudden death of his partner tries to go about his typical day in Los Angeles.

Edu has also worked on a horror/thriller feature film called Buried from director Rodrigo Cortés and screenwriter Chris Sparling about a US contractor in Iraq who is buried alive in a coffin.

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