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Scott Wurth - Tira Bikal

Scott Wurth is based in Killara, Australia and has used his background in both advertising and photography to focus on documentary storytelling.  Scott has filmed a trilogy of documentary films in the Philippines, including: Tira Bikal (Striking Metal), Cutud, and Panata. 

Tira Bikal is about the Matias Santos family in the Philippines whose members became sick and began dying.  Matias pledged to God to save his family by imitating the sufferings of Jesus Christ. Through a grueling event called Tira Bakal, the Santos family tradition is kept alive as the family honors their late grandfather as they continue the ceremony for the family, their community, and generations of people behind it.

Tira Bikal has been touring the film festival circuit and has won awards in festivals including the Action on Film International Film Festival,the Revelation Perth International Film Festival, the Nigeria Entertainment International Film Festival, and the Rhode Island International Film Festival.


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Sue Gilbert - Beyond Greenaway - Wealth and Values

Sue Gilbert has made two documentary features on old money wealth, values, past and future generations, Greenaway (in 1982) and Beyond Greenaway: The Legacy (twenty seven years later). 

Beyond Greenaway: The Legacy, Sue Gilbert’s second feature, was created after devoting many years to family life.

Beyond Greenaway explores explores a range of diverse topics such as marriage and divorce, belief in God, drug therapy, and politics, seeing those with affluence as ordinary people sharing their struggles, regardless of their advantages.

In addition to touring a variety of film festivals, Sue conducts workshops based on issues addressed in Beyond Greenaway for businesses, schools and focus groups to help people examine their attitudes about both affluence and the role of their own backgrounds in shaping their values.

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Victor Barcena and Jaime Dezcallar

Victor Barcena won the first prize as a director at the Complutense University of Madrid with the play Woyzeck, from Georg Büchner. In 2004, he began his Film Direction studies at the Film and Audiovisual Industry School of MadridVictor then began his experience moving from theatre as a documentary director, screenwriter, and filmmaker in Madrid. 

His dramatic narrative short called Las Manos De Abel has won a number of awards including at the Nashville Film Festival and the Rhode Island International Film Festival.

Jaime Dezcallar has also been a member of a number of theatre companies and went into television work after law school.

After 3 years working on the hit Spanish sitcom, Camera Café, and after completing a number of shorts films, he left Madrid to study directing in NYC where he currently resides.  Jaime's dramatic short, The Last Moments of Leopoldo Berenguer, has toured a number of prestigious film festivals worldwide.

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Bobby Ciraldo - William Shatner's Gonzo Ballet

Bobby Ciraldo is the co-owner of Special Entertainment is an Mary L. Nohl Fellowship Award winning production partnership between him and Andrew Swant whose mission is to blend art, entertainment, and humor. 

Their projects include: Hamlet A.D.D, Frankie Latina’s Modus Operandi, a number of creative music videos like the famous What What In The Butt by Samwell, and the documentary William Shatner’s Gonzo Ballet (based on the story of the ballet Common People by Margo Sappington created to paint a picture of music and the spirit of William Shatner's album, Has Been) which has played film festivals worldwide.

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