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Julie Stevens - Life After Tomorrow

Julie Stevens works in many aspects of theatre and film as an Actress, Director, Voiceover Artist, Singer, Studio Teacher, and a Private Coach for children.

She began her performing career at age ten, appearing on Broadway in the musical Annie.   Over the years, she has appeared in several films and commercials, TV movies, recording projects and stage productions.

Julie is also the creator of a new product called Acting Outside The Box, coaching cards for actors.

Julie co-directed her first feature film, Life After Tomorrow, a documentary about the experience of child actors in Broadway productions of Annie. She and partner, Gil Cates, Jr., won awards for Best Director and Best Documentary at the 2006 Phoenix Film Festival.

Life After Tomorrow premiered on Showtime in late 2006 and is now available on DVD through Arts Alliance America.

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Fabienne Rousso-Lenoir - From Shtetl to Swing

Fabienne Rousso-Lenoir is both an author and the director of the Jewish music archival documentary, From Shtetl to Swing

From Shtetl to Swing is a collective journey from synagogue choirs to Harlem hotspots, from Yiddish theater to musical extravaganza, from klezmer to ragtime, from symphonic jazz to swing from the Bowery to Tin Pan Alley to Broadway to Hollywood.                     
From Shtetl to Swing has screened several film festivals around the world including:
Golden Prague Film Festival where it was awarded the Czech Crystal, Jewish Motifs Festival where it was award the Warsaw Phoenix, Toronto International Jewish Film Festival, San Francisco International Jewish Film Festival, and the Melbourne International Film Festival.

It also screened as part of the Great Performance Series on PBS

7th Art Releasing can be contacted with any requests for theatrical distribution of the film. 

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Arjun Rihan - Abridged

Originally from Pune, India, Arjun Rihan studied Computer Science and Economics as an undergraduate at Stanford University and then purused his MFA in 2008 at University of Southern California's School of Cinematic Arts.  His professional experience includes a Technical Director internship at Pixar Animation Studios.
He is the director, writer, and animator of the acclaimed 3 minute short, AbridgedAbridged is a romantic comedy set on the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, CA.

Abridged has screened several film festivals around the world including: the San Francisco Ocean Film Festival, the Alaska Ocean Film Festival, Anifest in the Czech Republic, Annecy in France, and it received the 2008 USC Phi Kappa Phi Student Recognition Award.

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Aurelien Foucault - Of Shadows and Men

French teacher and documentary filmmaker Aurelien Foucault found a job teaching French that would allow him to live abroad, where he has lived in Scotland, Russia, and Siberia, where he met his wife.

Having worked enough to get a video camera and a good computer, he met Cédric Quennesson in China and worked on his first documentary short Of Shadows and Men under the production company Wuhan Films.

Of Shadows and Men is about a theater, a teahouse, and an ancient art that takes place and brings magic back into everyday life in Yunmeng, a rural city in the Hubei Province.  It had its world premiere in the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival in Durham, NC.

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Mitra Sen - The Peace Tree

Filmmaker, Photographer, and Educator, Mitra Sen is a graduate of the University of Toronto and the York University Film Production program.
She began her career in the Canadian film industry as the Assistant Director on the International Emmy Award winning CBC television series Degrassi Junior High. She has worked in various aspects of filmmaking including scriptwriting, producing, production managing, directing, editing and casting on a variety of feature films including My Own Country,  Sam and Me, and Cocktail.

Mitra is also a teacher with the Toronto District School Board where her experiences with children have inspired her to create award winning films including Just a Little Red Dot and The Peace Tree.

The Peace Tree portrays the wishes of three girls, two Muslim and one Christian, that cooperate in order to find a way to overcome their parents' resistance to observe each other's holiday celebrations.

The film has also inspired the creation of Peace Trees in schools around the world.  The official Peace Tree Day festival is celebrated on June 1st worldwide.

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