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Alexandra Schaller - Production Designer - The Heart Machine, La Vida Inesperada, Custody, Maggie's Plan, and Little Men

Alexandra is originally from London and currently living in New York. She specializes in the creation of immersive worlds for films, commercials and events.

Alexandra has worked on short film projects and in the commercial space on projects including Facebook, Squarespace, Dell, and Hitachi, and visual merchandising for Roberto Cavalli.

Alexandra's feature film projects in varied genres include La Vida Inesperada and The Heart Machine.

Alexandra's more recent projects include: Hole in the Wall, Custody, Maggie's Plan, Little Men, and the Netflix series, The Get Down.

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Pedro Rivero - Writer, Producer, and Director of Animation in Basque - Goomer, La Crisis Carnivora, Birdboy, Unicorn Blood, and Psychonautas

Pedro was the screenwriter for several television animated series and for the feature film Goomer which one the Goya Award for the Best Spanish Animated Feature Film.

Pedro was producer, director and screenwriter of La Crisis Carnvora in 2007, the first Spanish feature film in Flash animation for theaters.

He is author of theatrical plays and comic books and had more recently been collaborating with writer and animator, Alberto Vazquez, on darkly visual shorts like Birdboy and Unicorn Blood.

Together, they have created the post-apocalyptic animated feature film, Psychonauts, the Forgotten Children, based on Alberto's graphic novel.

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Barry Alexander Brown - Film Editor and Director - The War at Home, Salaam Bombay, Do the Right Thing, The Who's Tommy, Malcolm X, Detachment, The Giver, and The Queen of Katwe

As a film director, Barry co-directed the Oscar nominated documentary film The War at Home in 1979. 

Some of Barry's other film directing credits include The Who's Tommy, the Amazing Journey, the feature film Winning Girls Through Psychic Mind Control, and the documentary Sidewalk.

Barry's projects for Spike Lee over the years include: She's Gotta Have It, Do the Right Thing, Malcolm X, He Got Game, 25th Hour, and Inside Man.

Barry's more further projects as editor include: Passing Strange, Bill Cunningham New York, Detachment, and The Giver

As a film editor, Barry has worked with director over the years with Mira Nair on films like Salaam Bombay and the more recent, Queen of Katwe.  

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Jason Kisvarday - Production Designer - The Chronicles of Riddick, Escape From Tomorrow,  The Greasy Strangler, and Swiss Army Man

Jason has worked on music videos for bands like Placebo, Passion Pit, The Arcade Fire, and DJ Snake and Lil Jon. He was worked on many commercials and including those featuring icons like Mr. T (for Fairfield Inn) and Weird Al Yankovic (for Radio Shack).

For feature films, he has worked in the art department including as a Model Maker on The Chronicles of Riddick and in Props on Escape From Tomorrow.

For production design in film over the years, Jason has worked on the comedy Pickin & Grinnin and the comedy/musical film, Eternity: The Movie.

More recently, Jason worked on the upcoming comedy/horror film, The Greasy Strangler, and the critically acclaimed, Swiss Army Man.

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