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Paula Christensen - Tres

Paula Christensen was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina before relocating with her parents to New York and eventually attending Amherst (MA) College studying Theater and Anthropology.

Her first full-length play In Vitro received a workshop reading at the Public Theater in New York in 2004 and has been optioned; she is transferring the story from stage to screen. She has several other projects in the works including a fantasy/adventure TV show and a political documentary.

Currently living in LA, she makes her film directorial debut with A Casa, the first part of Tres, three stories of intense emotional connection captured in a fleeting moment from three directors, inspired by the poetry of her grandfather, poet and filmmaker Carlos Hugo Christensen.

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Kristian Soderstrom - Darkness of Truth

On this episode, we talk with Kristian Söderström, director and writer of the short film Darkness Of Truth.

The film is a surreal psychological thriller about the secrets of a middle-aged actress and former ballet dancer in Berlin and her tenant, a young, attractive female student. They choose to communicate their anger via the former actress’ diary.

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Todd Robinson and Earnestine Rodgers Robinson - Sounds Of A Miracle

Todd Robinson is a surgeon in Memphis, TN, who was inspired to document his mother’s "miracle" with his first forays into filmmaking, the feature-length Hidden Treasure and the short Sounds of A Miracle, both based on his mother’s story.

His mother, Earnestine Rodgers Robinson, received no formal music training, and with her faith and family, she rose from humble southern roots to become composer of sacred classical music that took her all the way to Carnegie Hall and to a world premiere in Prague.

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Emmanuel Jespers - Personal Spectator

On this episode, we speak with Emmanuel Jespers , writer and director of the short film Personal Spectator.

Emmanuel Jespers is an Institut des Arts de Diffusion (IAD) graduate and has been directing and films and commercials for over ten years. His films include the short film The Last Dream (2000) which won many awards including Un Certain Regard in the Cannes Film Festival, A Night to Remember (2002), and Nervous Breakdown (2002).

More recent work includes the 2007 films Two Sisters and a feature he wrote, directed, and produced called Artefacts.

His short films have been selected to more than 50 film festivals worldwide, and he has won more than two dozen prizes.

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Phil Allocco - Joseph Henry

Phil Allocco is the writer and director of the short film Joseph Henry.

Allocco began his career as a musician in the bands Law and Order and Dogma. From there, he joined the company Media Jelly, producing and designing projects including Goosebumps, The Magic School Bus, and Fox’s Dr. Dolittle 2.

Allocco was also the creator of several original animated series including The Vanderfuls and Bratface and Waffle.

In 2005, Allocco joined Red Thread Productions working on many projects including producing and editing The Best of the GLAAD Awards for Logo. Earlier this year (2007), Allocco was one of fifty directors hand-picked by Steven Spielberg for the Fox TV series On The Lot.

More information on Phil Alloco is available at his company Make Things Work.

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JD Kelleher - One Last Drink Before Morning

JD Kelleher is an actor making his directorial debut with the short film One Last Drink Before Morning.

JD studied English at University College Cork and has an extensive acting background in both film and television throughout the UK.

His television and film credits include: Batman Begins, The Art of Flirting (an homage to Buster Keaton), and the BBC productions Little Britain, Murphy’s Law, and Ballykissangel. Most recently, he is starring in the Channel 4 production of City of Vice.

One Last Drink Before Morning deals with three characters who come to terms with the crooked twists and turns that have led them to their desperate positions in life, set in a noir-like smoky dive bar.

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Chris Martini - The Stone Child

Christopher Martini, writer/director/producer of the film The Stone Child, joins us on this episode.

He has worked behind the scenes in production in a variety of films including editing The Chris Isaac Show and the documentary Gulf War Syndrome: Killing Our Own.

The Stone Child is about an 11-year-old boy, half Lakota Native-American and half caucasian, in rural South Dakota, and his relationship with his father after a painful divorce.

There is feature length version of the film in the works as well.

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Ursula Burton - The Happiest Day Of His Life

Ursula Burton is a Yale alumna who studied Theater and English Literature. Having done extensive theater work, she has more recently worked in television and film including The Office, The War at Home, and Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya-Sisterhood.

She founded Five Sisters Productions with her four other sisters. Together, they have produced three feature films in which she has also appeared: Just Friends, Temps, and Manna From Heaven.

Her most recent work is a comedy short which she wrote, directed, and acted in called The Happiest Day Of His Life.

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Yoav Segal - The Battle Of Cable Street Our guest is filmmaker Yoav Segal, director of The Battle Of Cable Street. In 1936, Oswald Mosley and his army of fascist Blackshirts planned to march through the East End. However, Segal’s grandfather, Ubby Cowan, and a host of others, including Jews, Irish, and dockworkers succeeded in stopping the march. This was a seminal event in British history as it loudly declared Britains refusal to accept fascism. Blurring the line between live action and animation, The Battle Of Cable Street retells the event by presenting a young boy, Danny, who is taken inside the magical world of his own sketchbook by his grandfather and shown what it was like to live through the events of 1936. Danny learns, much as his granddad did, ‘Look up, see the world around you. Find a voice, express yourself.’ The film screened recently at the 11th annual Rhode Island International Film Festival.
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