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Terrance Zdunich - Repo! The Genetic Opera

Terrance Zdunich is a writer, illustrator, composer, and performer from Los Angeles, CA.

He has worked on a diverse set of projects including: storyboard illustration on Sean Penn's film Into the Wild, stage acting, and the illustrated book God and The Box.

Terrance's most recent project is the film Repo! The Genetic Opera, which he co-wrote and co-composed with Darren Smith, which Terrance also stars in as the Grave Robber, directed by Darren Lynn Bousman.

Repo! The Genetic Opera is a futuristic sci-fi goth camp horror film about organ transplantation and the problems with bad loans.

It is currently touring select venues around the country, with audiences in costumes followed by conversations with both Terrance and Darren Lynn Bousman.

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Michael Langan - Doxology and Dahlia

Michael Langan grew up in Montgomery, Alabama, where he began his artistic career as a professional stage actor.

He returned to his New England birthplace in 2003 to attend the animation program at Rhode Island School of Design, completing Doxology as his thesis film.

Doxology has since won 12 awards and screened at over 50 film festivals worldwide including the Ottawa International Animation Festival, Crossroads Film Festival, ASIFA-East Animation Festival, and the Animation Block Party.

Michael is currently the director of video and animation at Upper Playground in San Francisco, where he has directed over 400 short promotional films and documentaries. He continues to produce experimental animations independently.

His latest film titled Dahlia is a fast paced, visually and musically charged live action animation that debuted at Slamdance.


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Nate Wragg - Illustrator and Animator

Nate Wragg is an renowned artist, illustrator, and animator.

He left home after high school to study character animation at Cal Arts Nate received an animation internship at James Baxter Animation Studios after his 3rd year of school, followed by an internship at Pixar Animation Studios in the art department on Ratatouille leaving school early.

He has designed, developed and art directed the end title sequence for Ratatouille and was the Production Designer on Pixar’s animated short Your Friend the Rat and was a character designer on Toy Story 3.  He left Pixar to move to LA to work as an artist for Dreamworks.

He illustrated the feature children’s book for Ratatouille called Too Many Cooks along with plans to develop his own books.

Nate’s other illustrations include a short story in the collaboration comic Afterworks 2 and for the art book The Ancient Book of Myth and War. 

He was accepted into the Society of Illustrators 50th Annual Showcase in New York City and was recently part of an charity art auction called the Totoro Forest Project at the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco.

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Tim Schultz and John Grigsby - The Cave

Producer and animator Timothy Schultz and John Grigsby joined us for this week's episode.

Tim Schultz went to college to study film and journalism at the University of Colorado before starting Bullhead Entertainment, LLC in 2005. Bullhead recently produced The Cave: An Adaptation of Plato's Allegory in Clay and is currently in production on the feature-length documentary
Chasing the Shadows, which follows Tim's journey into the
world of ghosts and the afterlife.
John Grigsby’s recent animations entitled, An Introduction to Lucid Dream Exploration was painstakingly created on etch-a-sketch.  He is also a musician and recently toured the world as a bassist with blues musician Otis Taylor.  John is the DOP and animator for The Cave: An Adaptation of Plato's Allegory in Clay.

The Cave has brought Plato's pedagogical story to life by shooting over 4,000 still photographs of John Grigsby's wonderful claymation. It has screened in many film festivals worldwide and has won awards including won 1st Place Animation at the USA Film Festival Short Film and Video Competition of 2008.  It has also screened in the 2008 MergingArts Short Short Story Film Festival.

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Scott Bunt  - Sea of Dust

Scott Bunt has written for newspapers, magazines and standup comics, penned radio and television shows, worked in the music industry as a songwriter, producer and musician. 

His recent feature film, Sea of Dust, is based on the real life villain Prester John, and his vengeful master plan to sacrifice “the psychologically vulnerable” on the altar of evil.

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Richard McGuire - Fear(s) of the Dark

Richard McGuire, musician, artist, and animator, joined us on this episode.

Richard is the founder and bass player of the band Liquid Liquid.

He is a regularly contributing artist to the The New Yorker magazine.

Richard has also created comics, written and illustrated four children's books and has created award winning animation design for television for PBS Kids.  

He has designed and directed the short film Mico-Loup which was part of the feature film, Loulou and other Wolves.

Most recently, Richard has co-written and directed the closing piece in Fear(s) of the Dark, a French animated feature film from a variety of animators who went back to the origins of their terrors and agreed to animate their drawings that inspire them. 

Fear(s) of the Dark is currently playing in limited release in theatres in worldwide.

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Bill Plympton - Dogs, Idiots and Angels

We were fortunate to catch a glimpse into the world of renowned animator Bill Plympton.

Bill Plympton started out as an illustrator and cartoonist whose work has appeared in such magazines as The Village Voice, Vogue, and Rolling Stone.

His first animated film was a film of Jules Feiffer's song, Boomtown.  By 1987, he had garnered an Oscar nomination for his short film Your Face.

His feature length work has included such films as I Married A Strange Person and Hair High.

He has also tried his hand at live-action feature films, including Guns On The Clackamas and J. Lyle.

Over the years, he has made dozens of award winning short films including the more recent Dog series of films.

His most recent project is an animated feature film titled Idiots and Angels, a dark comedy about a man’s battle for his soul.

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Mason Daring - Film Composer for John Sayles

Mason Daring is a talented film composer, musician, and record label head.

As a musician with a law degree, Mason was legal counsel to director John Sayles for his first film The Return of the Secaucus Seven. Daring ended up composing the score to that film, as well as John Sayles’ other films up to and including Honeydripper, a story of blues musicians in 1950s Alabama.

Mason has done television scoring as well, including the themes to the series Nova and Frontline on PBS.

He also releases some of his and his collaborators recordings on his label Daring Records, a sub-label of Rounder Records

Mason currently splits his time between his studio and home in New England and a place in the Hollywood area.

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Geoff Thompson - Romans 12:20

Geoff Thompson is a BAFTA winning writer, teacher, and martial artist.

Geoff Thompson has worked through a plethora of menial jobs, from glass collector to floor sweeper; he even spent a decade working as a nightclub bouncer.

Geoff decided to become a martial arts instructor and then followed this by living out his dream of becoming a writer.

He is now the author of over thirty books, a stage play, a BAFTA winning short film, Brown Paper Bag, and two feature films.  He wrote a screenplay to the award winning short film, Romans 12:20, which won the Grand Prize International Discovery Award at the Rhode Island International Film Festival.

His latest feature film, Clubbed, about a lonely factory worker whose life is transformed when he becomes a nightclub doorman, has screened a variety of film festivals including the Raindance Film Festival.

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William Donaruma - Free to Good Home

William Donaruma has years of production experience having worked for Universal Studios as well as a variety of production companies and major television networks.

Returning to Notre Dame to teach production courses, he has won the Kaneb Teaching Award and was granted a fellowship at the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

He is currently worked on a documentary about the Bengal Bouts impact on the Holy Cross missions in Bangladesh, called Strong Bodies Fight. He has directed of several award wining short films including Ball in the Woods, Finding your Way, and Free to Good Home.

His short films screened in the Feel Good Film Festival, the Chicago International Film Festival, and the MergingArts Short Short Story Film Festival.

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