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Brendt Barbur - The Bicycle Film Festival

Brendt Barbur is the founding Director of the Bicycle Film Festival.

The Bicycle Film Festival celebrates the bicycles and bicycle culture through art, film, music and performance and brings together various aspects of bicycling together to advocate its ability to transport people in many ways and to have a good time.

The Bicycle Film Festival has traveled from its home base in New York City to San Francisco, Tokyo, Melbourne and many other small and large cities worldwide with each site having thier own customized festival with a variety film shorts and features, art, and music.

The Bicycle Film Festival has been a major catalyst for the urban bike movement, one of the most powerful and culturally relevant forces of the last decade. The BFF is sure to carry this momentum into the next decade.

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Judy Laster - Woods Hole Film Festival Judy Laster is the Founder and Executive Director of the Woods Hole Film Festival. The Woods Hole Film Festival is a week long festival held in Woods Hole on Cape Cod in Massachusetts, from the end of July to the beginning of August. The festival includes workshops, panel discussions, staged readings and parties as well as eight days of film screenings. 2008 will mark the 17th year of the festival, which will have continued great offerings of film and related events for international filmmakers, the Woods Hole community, local filmakers, and fans of the festival from around the world. The Woods Hole Film Festival also presents other film events throughout the year.
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Casey Safron - Animation Block Party Casey Safron is a film professor, filmmaker, and founder of Animation Block Party. Taking place in late July in Brooklyn, New York, the Animation Block Party (ABP) is a four-night film festival party with the best and most unique animated shorts from around the world with special themed nights and music, attended by over two animation lovers. ABP has also toured with a one-night "best of fest" as a midnight screening at the Coolidge Corner Theatre in Boston, Massachusetts, where Casey went to college.
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Anne S. Lewis - Separate Vacations Anne S. Lewis is a featured writer for the Austin Chronicle and writes a monthly column covering the the Austin Film Society documentary tour. Separate Vacations is an animated short film about a dog owner, boarding her dog before leaving for a vacation, is thrown a curve by one of the kennel's information forms. It is Anne's first animated film. It played the SXSW Film Festival and also debuted in New England at the 2007 MergingArts Short Short Story Film Festival and was an audience favorite. Anne discussed with us her experiences covering the documentary film tour and the process of her past, present, and future film ideas.
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