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Nick Prueher - Co-Founder of The Found Footage Festival

In 2004, Nick along with Joe Pickett quit their day jobs to focus on production of their first feature documentary, Dirty Country

They started the touring The Found Footage Festival show to fund the production of the documentary.  

The Found Footage Festival is a live comedy event and screening featuring unusual and humorous clips from VHS videotapes gathered from thrift stores, garage sales, warehouses, estate sales, and dumpsters throughout the United States.

In 2009, Jack Rebney, featured in the festival favorite Winnebago promotional videos in the show, was featured in a documentary, Winnebago Man, which featured the curators in several interviews and coverage of Jack at the festival.

The Found Footage Festival is currently based out of New York City and has expanded in touring Europe and has also presented Found vs. Found in collaboration (and in friendly competition with) Found Magazine.

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Haim Mazar - Los Angeles based Film Composer - On The Inside, Design & Thinking, The Iceman

Since his arrival to Los Angeles in 2008, Haim composed the score for On The Inside and MTV's Teen Mom, and co-produced and orchestrated the score for the film Legion, starring Paul Bettany, and more recently scored the documentary Design & Thinking.

Haim also worked as an orchestrator, music programmer and pianist the projects: 6 Souls, starring Julianne Moore, The Roommate, and the American version of The Office.

Haim has recently scored the biopic thriller The Iceman, starring Michael Shannon, Winona Ryder, Ray Liotta, and Chris EvansThe Iceman was an official selection of the Toronto and Venice International Film Festivals.  

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Sam Lisenco - Production Designer & Art Director - Mail Order Wife, Go Get Some Rosemary, Gimme the Loot, and Frances Ha

Sam is a member of the New York City filmmaking collaborative, Red Bucket Films.

Sam has acted in films such as Mail Order Wife, The Pleasure of Being Robbed, and Creative Nonfiction.

Sam’s art director credits include: Mail Order Wife, Puberty: The MovieThe Pleasure of Being Robbed, and The Wreck.

Sam’s work as a production designer includes: Go Get Some Rosemary, Gimme the Loot, and the critically acclaimed, Frances Ha.

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Megan Griffiths - Director, Writer, and Producer – The Catechism Cataclysm, Your Sister’s Sister, The Off Hours, Eden, and Lucky Them

Megan has worked in the independent film community for over a decade. Megan received her MFA in Film Production from the Ohio University School of Film.

While in school Megan wrote and directed several award-winning student films including Not Waving but Drowning, a 2001 Student Academy Award nominee. 

Megan's first feature was First Aid for Choking, and Megan's second feature, The Off Hours, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival.

Megan was a co-producer on Lynn Shelton's film Your Sister's Sister and on the acclaimed Sundance documentary, Zoo.

Megan's third and most recent feature film that she has both written and directed, Eden, premiered at SXSW and has been lauded by critics and at other film festivals worldwide.  

Eden is about a young Korean-American girl, abducted and forced into prostitution by domestic human traffickers, who joins forces with her captors in a desperate plea to survive.

Megan has also directed the upcoming film, Lucky Them, starring Toni Collette, Thomas Haden Church, and Oliver Platt, about a rock journalist assigned to track down her ex-boyfriend.

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