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Scott Bunt  - Sea of Dust

Scott Bunt has written for newspapers, magazines and standup comics, penned radio and television shows, worked in the music industry as a songwriter, producer and musician. 

His recent feature film, Sea of Dust, is based on the real life villain Prester John, and his vengeful master plan to sacrifice “the psychologically vulnerable” on the altar of evil.

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Richard McGuire - Fear(s) of the Dark

Richard McGuire, musician, artist, and animator, joined us on this episode.

Richard is the founder and bass player of the band Liquid Liquid.

He is a regularly contributing artist to the The New Yorker magazine.

Richard has also created comics, written and illustrated four children's books and has created award winning animation design for television for PBS Kids.  

He has designed and directed the short film Mico-Loup which was part of the feature film, Loulou and other Wolves.

Most recently, Richard has co-written and directed the closing piece in Fear(s) of the Dark, a French animated feature film from a variety of animators who went back to the origins of their terrors and agreed to animate their drawings that inspire them. 

Fear(s) of the Dark is currently playing in limited release in theatres in worldwide.

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Bill Plympton - Dogs, Idiots and Angels

We were fortunate to catch a glimpse into the world of renowned animator Bill Plympton.

Bill Plympton started out as an illustrator and cartoonist whose work has appeared in such magazines as The Village Voice, Vogue, and Rolling Stone.

His first animated film was a film of Jules Feiffer's song, Boomtown.  By 1987, he had garnered an Oscar nomination for his short film Your Face.

His feature length work has included such films as I Married A Strange Person and Hair High.

He has also tried his hand at live-action feature films, including Guns On The Clackamas and J. Lyle.

Over the years, he has made dozens of award winning short films including the more recent Dog series of films.

His most recent project is an animated feature film titled Idiots and Angels, a dark comedy about a man’s battle for his soul.

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