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Stascha Bader - Rocksteady: The Roots of Reggae

Stascha Bader is a Swiss writer and documentary director.

He was drawn by Reggae when he had first heard it in the 1970s and based his doctoral thesis on it, “Electro-Oral Poetry in Jamaica and England.” It earned him a Ph.D. degree from Zurich University and was also published in Germany.  and was also published in Germany as “Words like Fire: Dance Hall-Reggae and Ragamuffin.”

Stascha also studied music, script writing, and directing in Berlin, New York and Los Angeles and has worked, for several years, as a freelance writer and director of television documentaries.   His documentaries have been broadcast on Swiss National Television and 3sat. Stascha specializes in music documentaries and programs.

When he reflected back on his mass collection of Jamaican recordings, Stacha was reminded of his favorites earliest Reggae songs, from the Rocksteady era (1966-1968).  The outcome is the previously untold story of Rocksteady: The Roots of Reggae, which is Bader’s first feature film.

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Christian Biegai - Film Composer and Classical Saxophonist

Christian Biegai, from Berlin, Germany, has written film scores for feature films, documentaries, and animated films around the world.

These films include: the short film Whistle (directed by Duncan Jones), films for Marc Meyer, and with Helena Bulaja on the animated fairytale Regoch and her experimental interactive movie inspired by
Nikola Tesla which also features Laurie Anderson and Terry Gilliam.

Working at Park Road Post as an editor, Christian contributed a string quartet piece for the Sundance Grand Jury Prize nominee, Eagle vs. Shark and contributed to the score for the New Zealand documentary The Big Picture. He also scored Brigitte Bertele's feature film: Nacht Vor Augen (A Hero's Welcome), which premiered at Berlin.

Christian is a classical saxophonist who has played with large orchestras, small quartets, and artist collectives. He has performed with the Berlin Philharmonic and New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, the clair-obscur saxophone quartet, Antony and the Johnsons, and the artist collective Edison Woods, and on the score for 3:20, written for solo saxophone for him by Gerald Busby.

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Aaron Hughes - Backwards

Aaron Hughes' 3rd animated short film is called Backwards which is about strange love shown in reverse.  

Backwards has also won many awards including the Ruby Ram Jury Grand Prize Award in the MergingArts Short Short Story Film Festival.

In honor of the style of the this film, Aaron's interview was also conducted in reverse.

Previously Aaron also wrote and illustrated a weekly-published cartoon. He does still enjoy dabbling in other non-animated art-forms as well.

Aaron's animated shorts, Petunia and Fred’s Box, have screened and have been awarded in festivals around the world.

Aaron has been working professionally on a number of animation projects.  He currently teaches courses at NYU and Pratt.

Aaron lives in Brooklyn after growing up grew up in Texas after moving to NYC following graduation from the School of Visual Arts in NYC.

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Mike Roush - The Hidden Life of the Burrowing Owl

Born in East Moline, Illinois, Mike Roush found his way to California, earning his BFA in Animation from California State University, Fullerton.

Mike Roush has been with Titmouse Shorts, Inc., contributing storyboards, design, and animation to high profile TV, music video and commercial clients and serves as Supervising Animator on [adult swim]’s smash hit Metalocalypse.

Mike made his directorial debut with The Hidden Life of the Burrowing Owl – an innovative blend of live action elements and unconventional Flash animation. 

The Hidden Life of the Burrowing Owl has screened many film festivals worldwide like Annecy, Palm Springs, and the Fantasia Film Festival

The Hidden Life of the Burrowing Owl has won many awards including the Headtrip Audience Choice Award in the MergingArts Short Short Story Film Festival.

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Conor Ferguson - The Wednesdays and Atlantic

Conor Ferguson has worked as a copywriter in advertising in Ireland for several years. Conor has mastered the art of short film with 2 award winning poignant short films, The Wednesdays and Atlantic.  These have been produced as part of the Irish film production company, Park Films. The Wednesdays is about a retired couple who manage to re-ignite the love they’d almost forgotten about through unconventional means.

Atlantic, starring Liam Cunningham from The Wind That Shakes The Barley, is an atmospheric tale of a lonely farmer passing his days, unaware of the letter that’s on its way from the woman he once loved.  Both films have screened worldwide to enthusiastic audiences.  Atlantic is also an official selection in the MergingArts Short-Short Story Film Festival in the Heartstrings Program.

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Brett Harvey - The Union: The Business Behind Getting High

Brett Harvey is President and founder of BKS Crew Productions, a Vancouver based multimedia production company.

Brett has worked as a director of photography on a number of film and television projects including two recent projects for the Canadian national television network CBCSecrets and Lottery On Ice.

He has made the move from DP to director with his new film The Union: The Business Behind Getting High, a documentary film which explores the 7 billion dollar per year business of marijuana in British Columbia and the history and current impact of cannabis prohibition.

The Union is available on DVD via Amazon.


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Emile Bokaer - Looking Back

Emile Bokaer comes from a family of conscious and creative people in Ithaca, NY. As a child, he worked at his parents’ art house movie theater Fall Creek Pictures. While studying Math and English at Oberlin College, he fell in love with documentary filmmaking. He is pursuing an MFA in Documentary Film at Stanford University.

Emile has made a wide range of documentary films locally and internationally.

These include:  a film about a small town skateboard park, the relationships between various institutional lifestyles, collectives of Guatemalan women who work to preserve native species of corn, and a technical theater program at a girl’s school in Cleveland. His recent documentary film short

Looking Back is about Albert Lewis who struggles with drug addiction and with memories of war, using photography to help him survive in a supportive community of homeless veterans. Emile has also collaborated with Geoff Pingree on the forthcoming documentary feature, The Return of Elder Pingree and has worked on worked on the Student Academy Award finalist film, In Circles.

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Nicolas Entel - Orchestra Tipica and Sins of My Father

Nicolas Entel was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and lives in Brooklyn, NY. His latest project is the documentary Sins of My Father, which tells the story of Colombian drug kingpin Pablo Escobar through the eyes of his only son, as well as the sons of his most prominent victims.

Nicolas directed the award winning documentary film Orquesta Tipica filmed in Argentina and locations around the world.

He is also a founding partner in Red Creek Productions, one of the largest Latino owned production companies in the US. Red Creek has offices in New York, Buenos Aires and San Jose de Costa Rica.

Red Creek has provided production services for the likes of Discovery Channel, BBC, and Turner Networks, produced hundreds of spots for major clients, as well as music videos for such artists as KT Tunstall and Wyclef Jean.

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Jonathan Parker and Catherine Di Napoli - (Untitled) Jonathan Parker and Catherine Di Napoli wrote and produced Bartleby, The Californians, and (Untitled). Bartleby is a quirky twist on a classic story by Herman Melville starring Crispin Glover. The Californians is loosely based on The Bostonians by Henry James and stars Illeana Douglas. (Untitled) is about a fashionable contemporary art gallerist in NYC, a brooding music composer, and the state of the contemporary art world. In (Untitled), Adam Goldberg plays the composer, whose work calls for paper crumpling, glass breaking and bucket kicking and Marley Shelton plays the chic Chelsea gallerist, whose latest show features an artist who employs taxidermy and household objects. The composer's brother, played by Eion Bailey, successfully sells his art to corporate clients and wants to be taken more seriously by his peers.
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Daniel Wirtberg - Love Child

Daniel Wirtberg was born in Karlstad, Sweden. He started filmmaking at the age of 12. At 18, he was accepted to the Czech Film Academy.

Daniel has freelanced as a writer, director and producer and is a filmmaking teacher. He has created a variety of projects from music videos, promos, and slide shows to short films of different genres including: Julia, Apple, and The Intruder.

Daniel’s film Love Child was featured in a number of prestigious including one of the 10 selected shorts in the worldwide traveling Manhattan Short Film Festival along with over 50 other festivals around the world.  It is about a young girl who enjoys the perfect life of being the only child, when one day a new family member arrives.

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