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Brett Harvey - The Union: The Business Behind Getting High

Brett Harvey is President and founder of BKS Crew Productions, a Vancouver based multimedia production company.

Brett has worked as a director of photography on a number of film and television projects including two recent projects for the Canadian national television network CBCSecrets and Lottery On Ice.

He has made the move from DP to director with his new film The Union: The Business Behind Getting High, a documentary film which explores the 7 billion dollar per year business of marijuana in British Columbia and the history and current impact of cannabis prohibition.

The Union is available on DVD via Amazon.


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Emile Bokaer - Looking Back

Emile Bokaer comes from a family of conscious and creative people in Ithaca, NY. As a child, he worked at his parents’ art house movie theater Fall Creek Pictures. While studying Math and English at Oberlin College, he fell in love with documentary filmmaking. He is pursuing an MFA in Documentary Film at Stanford University.

Emile has made a wide range of documentary films locally and internationally.

These include:  a film about a small town skateboard park, the relationships between various institutional lifestyles, collectives of Guatemalan women who work to preserve native species of corn, and a technical theater program at a girl’s school in Cleveland. His recent documentary film short

Looking Back is about Albert Lewis who struggles with drug addiction and with memories of war, using photography to help him survive in a supportive community of homeless veterans. Emile has also collaborated with Geoff Pingree on the forthcoming documentary feature, The Return of Elder Pingree and has worked on worked on the Student Academy Award finalist film, In Circles.

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Nicolas Entel - Orchestra Tipica and Sins of My Father

Nicolas Entel was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and lives in Brooklyn, NY. His latest project is the documentary Sins of My Father, which tells the story of Colombian drug kingpin Pablo Escobar through the eyes of his only son, as well as the sons of his most prominent victims.

Nicolas directed the award winning documentary film Orquesta Tipica filmed in Argentina and locations around the world.

He is also a founding partner in Red Creek Productions, one of the largest Latino owned production companies in the US. Red Creek has offices in New York, Buenos Aires and San Jose de Costa Rica.

Red Creek has provided production services for the likes of Discovery Channel, BBC, and Turner Networks, produced hundreds of spots for major clients, as well as music videos for such artists as KT Tunstall and Wyclef Jean.

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