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Christopher Bowen - Composer of Jellyfish and $9.99

Christopher Bowen is a composer based in New York City and has written music for theatre and film.  His projects include: the Annie nominated feature film $9.99 and the Israel-France co-produced live action feature Jellyfish (the winner of the Cannes Film Festival Camera D’Or). 

Both films feature the writing of Etgar Keret and a collaboration with writer Shira Geffen on Jellyfish and animator Tatia Rosenthal on $9.99

Additionally, Christopher is the Senior Performing Director of the award-winning theatrical group, The Blue Man Group, known for its three mysterious blue bald characters who take the audience through a multi-sensory experience.  Other scoring projects have included: The Pinocchio Experiment, a one-man show written and performed by Randall Jaynes and the short film The Green Hour by Nicole Kassell

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Lynne Sachs - Experimental Documentary Filmmaker

Lynne Sachs is a teacher and experimental documentary filmmaker originally from Memphis, TN and now lives in Brooklyn, NY that teaches experimental film and video at NYU.

Lynne’s films explore the  relationship between personal memories and broader, historical experiences. As an experimental filmmaker, she tries to make images that lead to new ways of thinking about the language of film.

Some of her films include: Following the Object to Its Logical Beginning, Sermons and Sacred Pictures, States of Unbelonging, Which Way Is East, and Wind in Our Hair

The Last Happy Day is an experimental documentary portrait Lynne created of Sandor Lenard, a distant cousin and a Hungarian medical doctor. Lenard was a writer with a Jewish background who fled the Nazis.  Eventually Sandor found himself in remotest Brazil where he embarked on the translation of Winnie the Pooh into Latin, an eccentric task which catapulted him to brief world wide fame.

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Rob Connolly - Our Neck of the Woods

Writer/director Rob Connolly discovered a love for creating visual images through studying art and photography while growing up in rural Mount Airy, North Carolina.

His passion for visual storytelling developed further while chronicling his travels around the world.

His latest work and thesis, Our Neck of the Woods, is about the character Bob Underwood's mundane life manufacturing plastic lawn-ornament deer and his connection to an enchanting Georgian refugee that he attempts to rescue her—whether she needs it or not. It has screened in Sundance and a variety of other large and small film festivals.

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Madeleine Olnek - Hold On and Countertransference

Madeleine Olnek is a filmmaker, director and playwright. Her first short comedy Hold Up, was an official selection of Sundance  and the Los Angeles Film Festival

Her plays have been described by playwright Paula Vogel as "incredible contemporary masterpieces" in American Theater Magazine.

Madeleine is also one of the authors of A Practical Handbook for the Actor  with a foreword by David Mamet. Her latest short film, Countertransference, screened at Sundance as well and won the Adrienne Shelley Award for Best Female Director, the Grand Jury award for Outstanding Dramatic Short at Outfest, and was featured in the Live Action Shorts program in the Newport International Film Festival.

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Tom Hall - Film Festival Programming/Artistic Director

Tom Hall has worked at the Hamptons International Film Festival and Nantucket Film Festival in Guest/Industry and Programming over the years along with work in New Media at Bravo/IFC.

He has directed short films for Bob Mould’s Carnival of Light and Sound Tour and is a member of the indieWIRE blogging community with The Back Row Manifesto.

Tom is also the Director of Programming at the Sarasota Film Festival and is currently the Artistic Director of the Newport International Film Festival which happens during the 1st week of June.

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